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Andy Redleaf

AJR - B&W.jpg
Founder, Head of Portfolio 
Allocation and Strategy
Andy’s career spans several decades from his early work pioneering the use of quantitative methodologies to trade options. He focused his attention on the applied understanding of pricing between markets rather than in isolation to identify opportunities in market structure and behavioral eccentricities, which has become the cornerstone of his investment philosophy. He has launched funds including Deephaven Market Neutral Fund, which grew to $300M under management, and Whitebox Advisors which grew to become a $6B fund with offices in New York, Minneapolis, Austin, London and Sydney.

Andy’s insight allowed him to predict the mortgage crisis long before the event, which was covered in his book: “Panic: The Betrayal of Capitalism by Wall Street and Washington,” and was celebrated by The New York Times for its foresight.
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